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Chimney Repairs

A well-maintained chimney finishes off a roof perfectly, but it’s important to keep it in good condition. You should make sure to preserve its appearance by having repairs done as soon as possible if anything seems out-of-place.

Chimney bricks can crack or crumble over time due to internal heat exposure or external damage from the elements; when they do need repair work we offer a range of services to get “Santa’s doorway” back to peak condition as quickly as possible. Contact us using the form below or call now to get a bespoke quote.

Our Chimney Services

We offer a range of chimney services to meet your budget and requirements. Here are some of the most common:

Chimney Construction

When you need to build or replace your chimney, count on our team for years of expertise. We can help design the perfect look and flow that suits any home’s needs as well as guide you through the best materials available to create a high-quality installation.

We are experts at every stage from start to finish when building your chimney so we’ll be there throughout the process! We’ll help plan what type is best suited for your unique requirements, then work together in selecting which material will fit perfectly into place. You’ll have expert advice during each step along the way until completion.

Chimney Stack Removal

A typical chimney stack removal job is a multi-step process.

The activities include removing all cement flaunching and chimney cowls/pots, dismantling the bricks and breaking them into pieces to be disposed off. Then it’s a case of replacing or repairing the roofing felt and timber before laying new tiles to blend seamlessly with the old roof.

We will take care of all the planning and management of the job for you, all you need to do is call.

Chimney Repair & Restoration

The chimney is one of the most exposed and vulnerable parts of a building.

Wind, rain, moisture or leakage can affect it in various ways – with cracks being an especially dangerous issue since gases from burning wood could leak through them into your house!

Luckily our experienced team will be able to repair any resulting brickwork issues.

Chimney Flue & Liner Installation

A chimney liner is a necessary component of the flue system in any home with an open flame.

It ensures the products of combustion are dispersed safely, without fire hazards or health risks to those inside and outside the house.

We’ll make sure you choose the right type for the right situation.

Chimney Flashing & Leadwork

Lead is the perfect material for sealing roofs, fitting into the gaps whatever the shape. On chimneys its flexibility and durability have made it the finishing material of choice for centuries, but it can’t last forever.

Call us for any repairs of adjustments, don’t let the water get there first.

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