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Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are great for garages, extensions, and roofs of differing heights. They are a durable, high-quality, versatile and affordable option. A properly installed flat roof offers excellent water protection and insulation, at a lower price point than other roofing systems. Contact us using the form below or call now to get a bespoke quote.

New Installations

We offer a range of flat roof systems to meet your budget and requirements. The two most used types are:

GRP (Fibreglass)

Glass Reinforced Plastic is an extremely tough, durable material – one that can withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at it without breaking apart like some weaker plastics do when exposed to the elements for too long. It makes fantastic roofing material as its lack of seams or joints means it is extremely likely to leak.

Torch On

The Torch On Roofing method is a two-ply modified bitumen membrane that fuses together with the heat of a propane torch. The top layer has an adhesive surface which bonds to the bottom face, and both are approximately 3–4mm thick for strength.


Worried about a leak in your flat roof? Your garage may even have flooded, and caused a lot of expensive damage to your favourite tools, or worse still, your bike. But don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. Our team of expert local tradesmen will diagnose and repair the problem, leaving you dry and happy, not high and dry!

We’re experts in the use of Liquid Rubber for coating and weather protection. It can be an extremely cost-effective way to repair a leaking roof. It’s as easy to apply as paint and will cure into a waterproof membrane creating a watertight seal.

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