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Soffits, Fascias & Guttering

The part of your roof that meets the walls of your house is called the roofline, and it’s an important area! Composed of soffits, fascias, and a gutter system, the roofline finishes off the edge of the roof, keeping out water and animal pests.

Nowadays most soffits and fascias are made of PVC, with gutters in the same material. Traditionally they would have been made of wood, and you may still have a wooden roofline, maybe even a cast iron gutter. At Guildford Roofing Contractors we can repair, replace, and maintain any type of roofline, even unusual ones such as concrete gutters. Contact us using the form below or call now to get a bespoke quote.

Roofline Services

The roofline services we provide include:

Installation of new PVC soffits & fascias

Repair or replacement of degraded wooden soffits and fascias

Gutter cleaning and repair

New gutter installation in PVC or cast iron

Roofline Terminology

This is the long board facing you when you look up at your roof. It has the guttering attached and also provides support for the lowest level of tiles.

Soffits are attached between the bottom of the fascia board and the roof. They close the gap between the fascia and the roof, give added support to the fascia, and can have ventilation vents added if necessary.

On the gable end of a house, the soffit is known as the bargeboard.

Gutters and Downpipes
The gutter is the piece attached to the fascia that collects rainwater, the downpipe is the vertical pipe that leads to the drains at the bottom of your wall.

As you can see, we know our stuff! Call us today to receive your roofline quote.

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