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Winter is coming. The last thing you want on a cosy autumn evening is a cold drip down your neck as you settle down in front of Strictly.

Water coming through the very part of your house that’s meant to keep you dry is every occupant’s worst nightmare. But the chances of your roof springing a leak varies widely depending on where you live in the UK.

We set out to discover exactly how widely, and which cities will have you reaching for the roofer’s number.

First we looked at data from the Met Office to rank UK cities by their average rainfall per year. The more rain, the quicker roofs wear out, and the more likely that pesky wet stuff is to find its way into your home.

We gave all 63 UK cities a score of 1 to 63 (1 being the most rainfall).

Next we investigated online search volume for related terms like “roof repair” or “leaking roof”. For this we used Google Keyword Planner, which gives you estimates of the numbers of people searching for the terms you’re interested in, which can be narrowed down to geographical area.

After we’d checked all the relevant search terms for each city, we adjusted for population differences by dividing their populations by their search volumes, to get a “demand average” score.

Then we ranked them by this score, to get another 1 to 63 list, lowest again being the “higher” score.

After that it was a simple case of adding together the scores to get an overall “leakiness” score. The lower the score, the higher the rainfall in a particular city, and the higher the demand for roof repairs.

While it was no surprise to see that cities from the North of England, and Scotland, in the top 10, who would have thought that the city with the leakiest roofs in the UK was…


In fact, Plymouth also made a high entry at number 5. Being down south doesn’t guarantee you the dry life. Maybe being close to the sea isn’t the best for roof health.

Meanwhile it was also not a shock that the least leaky cities were towards the southern end of our island, and generally fairly inland. If you don’t like leaks, Cambridge is the place to be.

UK cities in order of leakiness, according to the Guildford Roofing Contractor analytics department:

map to show leakiest roofs in the UK

  1. Truro
  2. Newry
  3. Leeds
  4. Preston
  5. Plymouth
  6. Inverness
  7. Bangor
  8. Stirling
  9. Manchester
  10. Swansea
  11. Salisbury
  12. Perth
  13. Salford
  14. Glasgow
  15. Exeter
  16. Bath
  17. Lisburn
  18. Durham
  19. Gloucester
  20. Lichfield
  21. Cardiff
  22. Ripon
  23. Winchester
  24. Birmingham
  25. Sheffield
  26. Liverpool
  27. Bradford
  28. Wakefield
  29. Norwich
  30. St David
  31. Bristol
  32. Belfast
  33. Ely
  34. Peterborough
  35. Newport
  36. Nottingham
  37. Oxford
  38. Chester
  39. Wolverhampton
  40. Hereford
  41. Derby
  42. Stoke-on-Trent
  43. Newcastle upon Tyne
  44. Canterbury
  45. St Albans
  46. Edinburgh
  47. Aberdeen
  48. St Asaph
  49. Sunderland
  50. York
  51. Southampton
  52. Leicester
  53. Coventry
  54. Dundee
  55. Portsmouth
  56. Derry
  57. Worcester
  58. Lincoln
  59. Kingston upon Hull
  60. Wells
  61. London
  62. Chelmsford
  63. Cambridge

UK counties with the most leaky-roofed towns. The darker the blue, the more likely you are to need a decent roofing firm on speed-dial!